May 8, 2024

Pain Management Techniques for Seniors

As we age, managing pain becomes essential for sustaining quality of life. The challenges seniors face can deeply impact their mental and physical health as they can have trouble getting up in the morning or running everyday errands. We’ll explore the ways that we can alleviate pain in aging bodies. Physical Activity Maintaining mobility is […]

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June 3, 2024

Pain Management + Physical Therapy = Results!!

Pain Management is successful when using a multi-modal approach to the plan of care—injections, medications, therapy, nutrition, and behavioral changes. Physical Therapy is a KEY component. Interventional pain management used concurrently with Physical Therapy has yielded significantly greater pain relief for patients than just utilizing one treatment approach. Physical therapy is an effective tool alongside […]
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March 8, 2024

Patient Responsibility Newsletter

Please plan to bring your insurance card to your next appointment. As we begin the new year, SJPS is working hard to ensure your insurance company has the correct information to process your visits and procedures. Please bring your insurance card to your first appointment this calendar year, as we will need to make a copy of it for […]
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February 1, 2024

6 Practical Tips to Ease Joint Pain in Cold Weather

Winter can bring extra challenges for people with joint pain. The cold weather can make conditions like arthritis worse, making everyday activities harder. Let’s keep it simple and explore easy ways to feel better during the colder months. Know the Connection Cold weather isn’t just a feeling – studies show it can majorly affect joints. […]
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October 18, 2023

Navigating Fall: Your Guide to Pain Management and Medication Availability

As the weather starts to drop and the crisp air fills our lungs, it’s important to ensure that your pain management strategies are in place. Fall brings its own set of challenges, with fluctuating weather and potential triggers. Perhaps it’s time to check in with your pain management specialists during this season to provide you with valuable insight and ensure you […]
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April 26, 2023

It’s Time To Enjoy Fiesta! Don’t let pain hold you back!

Spring has arrived and with it, Fiesta has returned! Pain is no party and we here at SJPS want you take have as good a time as possible. From walking the streets of Fiesta,  to enjoying a parade, all of this is more possible by being proactive with your body. At Spine & Joint Pain […]
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March 9, 2023

In the Room with Dr. Velarde

We recently sat down for a few minutes with Dr. Velarde to discuss his passion for managing patient’s pain. Click here to join Dr. Velarde “In the Room.” In his words, “Come on over here…we will take care of your pain!”
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January 24, 2023

Attention WellMed HMO Policy Holders

Dear WellMed HMO Patients, WellMed has shared they will no longer authorize any visits or procedures with Spine & Joint Pain Specialists as of March 5th, 2023 for all patients that are part of a WellMed HMO.    The following plans are affected by this change:  AARP Medicare Advantage Patriot (HMO) United Healthcare Chronic Complete (HMOC-SNP) AARP […]
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December 20, 2022

Give yourself the gift of Health this Season!

  The holidays are in full swing & everyone has full “To Do” list before year end. If back pain is keeping you from enjoying the holiday season, we can help! At Spine & Joint Pain Specialists, our goal is to help you get back to life before pain. Our goal is to maximize each […]
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November 30, 2022

November News

It has been a busy season at Spine and Joint Pain Specialists!  We recently sat with our new Interventional Pain Management physician, Dr. Cesar Velarde to get to know him in a one-on-one interview.
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October 4, 2022

National Pain Awareness Month Continues!

This month has been focused on educating patients and opening the lines of communication regarding treatment options available for painful conditions. Fun Facts! – Did you know that Pain Awareness Month was first declared in 2001? – 83 million Americans indicate that pain impacts their day to day activities. Are you among the millions of […]
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October 4, 2022

September is National Pain Awareness Month

This month was created to increase the awareness about the effects of pain and to open the lines of communication in our local communities, so that pain can be better understood and managed. Did you know? • Pain affects more than Americans than diabetes, heart disease, and cancer combined. • 80% of people in the […]
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June 1, 2022

Exciting News from SJPS!

Dr. Tisdall & our team are excited to welcome Cesar Velarde, MD to Spine & Joint Pain Specialists!  Dr. Velarde has extensive experience in providing interventional pain care in Las Cruces, New Mexico since early 2000.  He is highly skilled in performing Interventional Pain Management procedures, such as spinal cord stimulators, epidural steroid injections, radiofrequency […]
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May 18, 2022

Farewell Dr. Bourgeois

Dr. Jonathan W. Bourgeois will be moving back to his home State of Oregon mid-June, after 22 years of adventure on the East Coast and Texas! He wishes his patients good health, a pain-free future, and many thanks for the opportunity and privilege of being their pain doctor for the past 4 years. We will […]
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April 5, 2022

Fiesta 2022 is Here!

Fiesta Week, also known as Fiesta San Antonio and previously known as Fiesta San Jacinto, is a 10-day festival that started in 1891 as a flower parade dedicated to the heroes who lost their lives in the battles of San Jacinto and The Alamo. Fiesta has grown to host over 100 events that feature parades, […]
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April 4, 2022

Grateful and Thankful for You!

We hope you had a wonderful thanksgiving. We are so grateful for your continued trust in our team! As the leaves turn to gold (in some parts of Texas), and the fireplaces become active once more, we look forward to continuing our goal of making your pain more tolerable.
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October 27, 2021

In Keeping with the spirit of the holiday season

In keeping with the spirit of the holiday season, SJPS and the Borracho Tailgaters participated in a toy drive to collect toys to donate to CASA (Child Advocates of San Antonio). Together, they doubled their goal (which was 500 toys) and donated a total of 1,000 toys!
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October 27, 2021

Dealing with knee pain

Knee pain is one of the most common types of pain among adults, especially athletes and elderly adults. That comes as no surprise, considering how often we use our knees throughout the day, and how much impact and bodyweight knees have to support. But knee pain can be caused by many different things. Sports related […]
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