Navigating Fall: Your Guide to Pain Management and Medication Availability

As the weather starts to drop and the crisp air fills our lungs, it’s important to ensure that your pain management strategies are in place. Fall brings its own set of challenges, with fluctuating weather and potential triggers. Perhaps it’s time to check in with your pain management specialists during this season to provide you with valuable insight and ensure you maintain adequate pain relief.

Speaking of challenges, San Antonio pharmacies are currently experiencing a city-wide shortage of opioid medications. Your prescription may be affected by this shortage. Please contact your pharmacy to ensure availability prior to your fill date and allow our office 24-48 hours to process any new prescription requests.

Fall is also an ideal time to review your insurance coverage and understand your deductible status. By familiarizing yourself with your insurance policy, you can make informed decisions about pain management treatments, ensuring that you maximize your benefits before year-end.
This fall and in every season, it is essential to prioritize your pain management. By understanding pain triggers, communicating with your pain management specialists, navigating insurance coverage, and making lifestyle adjustments to ensure your treatment plan fits your life. Remember, your pain management journey is unique and we are here to support you.
If you are struggling with pain and having difficulty finding relief, call us to schedule an appointment- there are options & we can help!

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