Patient Responsibility Newsletter

Please plan to bring your insurance card to your next appointment.

As we begin the new year, SJPS is working hard to ensure your insurance company has the correct information to process your visits and procedures. Please bring your insurance card to your first appointment this calendar year, as we will need to make a copy of it for your patient record. This allows our authorization team to confirm your coverage and copays for visits, procedures and injections. In addition, the guidelines the insurance companies use to authorize various interventional pain management procedures change just a bit every year, and we need to validate those treatment rules. We use your insurance card information to ensure that we have the specifics to your insurance plan.

Following your appointment, your insurance company will be sent a claim form detailing your appointment to include the office visit, any urine drug testing and/or procedures that were performed. Your insurance carrier will send you, and SJPS, an Explanation of Benefits (EOB) that details what they allowed and will pay for, and what you are responsible for.

If a payment is required as indicated by your insurance plan (after they have reviewed and processed your claim) we will mail you a Patient Statement. You can pay your bill via cash, check or credit card. You can make a payment online at our website and select Pay Your Bill. Please include your account number in the notes sections as specified in your Patient Statement. If you have questions regarding your statement, please call us directly to speak to a billing representative (it is #4 on our phone tree).

Have a wonderful year!

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